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Ann PrestonAnn Preston has been an avid baker for 40 plus years and has been conscious of healthy eating for 20.

Due to health reasons she has been searching for a way of eating to help alleviate a variety of symptoms dealing with her digestive system. After eliminating different foods with not much success, she decided to try the ‘Wheat Belly’ diet.

When she had great success eliminating grains she realized she needed to find recipes for the baked goods that were now off limits. She realized there wasn’t much choice for alternatives so decided to experiment with a few ingredients.

The results started turning out great she knew she had a winning combination. With the encouragement of family and friends she decided to put a cookbook together with the hope of helping others maintain their healthy diet. Both her and her husband have been enjoying continued health improvements the longer they stay on this diet. Her hope is that you will get the same results using her delicious and tasty recipes.

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