Surprisingly Good

I have tried 3 recipes so far and they all worked which really surprised me – most of these sort of recipe books seem to give mixed results and many are not great.  Although I would have liked more emphasis on savoury recipes I think it is wonderful that without grains I can make a cake for birthdays and other occasions.

Karen G.

Fantastic Cookbook

This is a fantastic cookbook! I purchased it within 5 minutes of looking at it because of the straight-forward easy to follow directions and wholesome ingredients. It helped that the ladies at the demo table in the Burlington Health Food Store were encouraging and excited about the prospect of what this book had to offer. 🙂 The Ginger Molasses Cookies are a hit and the Chocolate Trail Mix Cookies are delicious and wholesome. Mm! The No Bran Bran Muffins baked up nice, even with a bit of tweaking of my own. With baking being in my blood too, I can honestly say that this is one cookbook I would not wish to be without. Thank you, Ann for sharing your gift with us.

Annette F.

The Best Gluten Free Baking

We made the Banana Cake! I just tried a corner and I have to say it is hands down the best gluten free baking I’ve done! We are a grain free house and I really appreciate the work you put into your book.

Kellie M.

Easy & Great Tasting

Ann’s recipes are delicious, healthy, and easy to make.  So far our favourites are the No Bran Bran Muffins and the Seedy Nut’n Honey Muffins. I still have lots of recipes to try from her book and I am really looking forward to them.  Isn’t it wonderful that we have someone committed to giving us great-tasting and healthy food!


Moist & Tasty

An incredibly amazing book packed with healthy delicious recipes. I have baked the chocolate cake for an Anniversary celebration and it was a huge hit. All the desserts are so moist… and tasty….it’s hard to believe that its ”gluten free”. The “No Grainer Baker” is a family favourite in our kitchen. Thanks Ann for creating a” Master piece “of   recipes for our families to enjoy in years to come. Can’t wait for the next edition !!!!


Nutritious & Delicious

I am finding the recipes in this book to be very tasty, healthy and easy to prepare. When you stop eating wheat, you will find that most of the commercial non-gluten breads are based on starches, which means that they have the nutritional value of white bread. The recipes in this book are based on ground almonds, flax seed, psyllium husks, coconut flour and buckwheat flour. The various ways they are combined yields nutritious and delicious baked goods.

The raisin bread recipe – raisins can be left out for a regular loaf – has a chewiness and depth of flavor that rivals their whole grain/wheat counterparts. The chewiness is not the same as a great loaf of bread, but it delivers a very similar satisfaction. The large amount of fiber in the raisin bread loaf easily surpasses any regular wheat loaf and the protein components in the seeds add nutritional value.

If you’re trying to get off of wheat-based baked goods, this book is indispensable. Highly recommended!

M. Leger

Simple & Tasty

I didn’t know gluten-free could taste as good (and even better) than gluten products…. especially the muffins. Every recipe we’ve tried so far (5-6 of them) we have loved! And the recipes are simple… once you have the basic ingredients, you’ll use them in most recipes (just in different proportions).


Scrumptious & Healthy

This cookbook is the perfect size with a nice variety of recipes. I have tried most of the muffins as well as the Mocha Pecan and Apple Skor cakes and all are delicious. The buckwheat blueberry pancake recipe is the absolute best wheat-free pancake recipe I’ve found, and is a regular Sunday morning choice at our house. But what is most amazing is that at the same time, these delicious treats are a truly healthy alternative!!

Ann has developed recipes that make our wheat-free lifestyle a ‘no brainer’, and to think they are grain-free, suitable for celiacs, and many are easily adapted for diabetics as well is a true accomplishment … thanks for all your experimentation Ann!! I would encourage anyone to buy this cookbook, purchase the basic ingredients, and discover how great eating healthy food can be.


Homemade is Healthy

Homemade is healthy and this will help you and your family stay that way. A well put together cookbook. Great tips, easy to follow recipes that taste fantastic. Personal favourite is the parmesan cracker.


Can’t Go Wrong With This One!

Sixty-five pages long, in a lay flat spiral binding (the way ALL cookbooks should be), Ms. Preston serves up 45 delicious looking recipes for cakes, muffins, breads, cookies, squares, cheesecakes, biscuits crackers and pie crust. One page of explanation why, and two pages of cooking hints and then it’s right into the meat of the matter (excuse the turn of phrase). The instructions are straightforward and the book is modestly sprinkled with scrumptious looking photographs. A great little cookbook. Five Stars.


“No Grainer Baker” is the BEST grain/gluten free cookbook ever!

If you are looking for a grain/gluten free cookbook that provides the most tastiest recipes this is it!

I have known Ann Preston for many years and can attest to her great cooking and baking skills.
Ann was so determined to ensure that all of her recipes in this cookbook were of impeccable quality that she had her friends try each of them, provide feedback, and then she tweaked as them required to produce the perfect recipe.

I can only imagine the happiness and joy that this cookbook and recipes within will bring to those that require or prefer gluten or grain free meals. The recipes are simple, easy to follow, and yield unbelievable results. You will not be disappointed!


This is a Great Cookbook

In my work, I give a lot of diet advice, and this will be a great resource for folks with celiac and wheat intolerance due to other illnesses. Muffins are a food group in my house! I have had several from this recipe book and they are delicious and the chocolate{ another food group!} cake is scrumptious.


Eating Healthy Tastes Good Too!!

I’ve always enjoyed a nice sweet snack after dinner but hated the feeling I got when I woke up – rotten feeling in my gut. I don’t have any conditions that prevent me from eating the things I want but I try to eat things that make me feel good and finally I’ve found snacks that do just that! It’s amazing that you can actually over-indulge without worrying about how it’s going to make you feel later. The best part is that all the recipes in this book are easy enough that my girlfriend who has very little experience or confidence in the kitchen was able to nail most recipes her first try.

I can’t wait to see what Ann will come up with next!



This is a great cook book. The directions are easy to follow and the ingredients are easy to find. The recipes turn out amazing and I can’t believe they don’t contain grains. The chocolate cake was a true crowd pleaser. I can’t wait to try the rest of the recipes.



I’ve made the brownies,(yummy) & the almond cookies(super) and have even made up little gift packages with these in them. Everything I’ve baked so far is delicious. If you haven’t bought the book yet, you really should. You don’t know what you’re missing!


No Grainer Baker no grain cookbook cover photo

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