Why No Grain?

And Why I Created this Book

My health changed the winter of 2012, when my fitness instructor put out a challenge to give up wheat and if possible, all grains. She suggested reading ‘Wheat Belly’ by William Davis as a source of information. I had given up wheat a few years earlier and really didn’t find it too difficult as I substituted spelt and quinoa flour for wheat with good results. Eliminating all grains was going to be more difficult as I believed this meant no more muffins and cookies at lunch and snacks, no more crackers with hummus and most of all no more sandwiches. Wow, this was not going to be easy.

Then I read ‘Wheat Belly’ and decided to make this lifestyle choice. I have had a history of digestive problems and thought giving up all grains might help.

My next challenge was convincing my husband of 35 years, that this would be beneficial for his health. He loved his breads and enjoyed them for breakfast, lunch and supper. He also loved cookies, cakes, muffins and pie – a true carboholic! His blood pressure and cholesterol were creeping up; he had been gaining weight and had less energy.

It was then that I created the ‘No Bran Bran Muffins’. Not only were they much like the original, my husband said they were even better. I knew then if I could replace our other favourites with no grain baking, that we were on the road to success.

Flushed with success I decided to try other things like cakes and cookies. Not everything turned out the first, second, third and sometimes fourth attempt but I have never backed away from a baking challenge. At first I just wanted to create grain free recipes for my family, to improve their health. But when I started giving out samples, the feedback was so positive that I wanted to share them with others. It didn’t take long until I decided to publish a recipe book for those interested in grain free recipes. Although the recipes are ideal for those with celiac disease, it is also beneficial for those wanting to decrease the carbohydrates or increase the fibre in their diets. I soon realized these recipes were targeting a now large group of people who are pre-diabetic, diabetic, celiac, or who have heart disease. And one of the biggest concerns many people have is finding foods and recipes that are tasty and delicious and allow them to stick to healthy eating for life.

My husband would be the first to say, “This stuff is so good even a carboholic doesn’t know they are eating healthy food!

That is the best testimonial I can give you. My husband and I have noticed continued health improvements, the longer we stick with this new lifestyle. One of the biggest changes for me is not being hungry all the time. I literally had to eat every 2 hours; now I can go from meal to meal without constantly snacking. I can honestly say, staying with this diet is a “NO BRAINER”.

No Grainer Baker no grain cookbook cover photo

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